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Volume 1, Issue 1 - February 2024

Portable MRI for major sporting events - a case
study on the MotoGP World Championship
Algarín et al.

The advent of portable devices has opened up new possibilities for MRI, which can now be used in outdoor settings such as field hospitals, NGO and military camps, and sports events. This work highlights the value of portable MRI in crowded events and major sports competitions. During the Motorcycle Grand Prix in Valencia, which marked the end of the MotoGP 2022 season, a portable MRI system was temporarily installed at the Ricardo Tormo Motor Racing Circuit’s medical facilities. Over the course of four days, 14 subjects were scanned using 21 protocols for wrist, knee, and ankle imaging. The circuit’s medical staff successfully identified various conditions including gonarthrosis, effusion, Haglund’s syndrome, metallic implants, traumatic arthritis and tissue changes resulting from surgical interventions. This study supports the idea that low-field MRI can be beneficial when factors like accessibility, portability, and low-cost are more important than highly detailed images.

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